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Task-based and context-based language learning. Studying literature and culture through film. Techniques for academic writing and presentation in English. Extensive reading. E-learning as a tool for guided self-study.

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Emphasis on communicative activities and learning by doing. Evaluating communicative success in English, not just grammatical accuracy. Producing film-based class materials and discussion worksheets to stimulate engagement with English literary works and cultural issues. Developing self-presentational and interpersonal skills via individual and group presentations, while encouraging familiarity with software packages such as Powerpoint.Promoting guided self-study using e-learning software. Providing opportunities for students to communicate ideas in writing, and giving detailed feedback to identify repeated errors and aid improvement. 授業評価:Student satisfaction rates for my academic English writing class, on a 5-point scale, were 4.5 and 4.8 for the two semesters of 2007; for my academic presentations class in 2009, the rate was 4.6; for my English literature seminar, rates were 4.7 and 4.6 in 2007, 4.6 in 2009, 4.82 in 2010, 4.88 in 2011; for my seminar on contemporary Britain, the rate was 4.75 in 2011; for my first year English class (Eibei students), overall satisfaction was 92.2% in 2009, 96.4% in 2010, 4.44 (5 point scale) in 2011 (偏差値:61.7).