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Prior to moving from the Department of British and American Studies to the Global Studies Program in the new School of Liberal Arts and Sciences in April 2022, I received a year’s sabbatical (from April 1, 2021 ~ March 31, 2022) which I spent in Cardiff, in the UK, working to provide a more overtly “Global Studies” framework for my literary research by situating it in the interstices of cosmopolitanism and posthumanism, attempting to interrogate the possibility of a “posthuman cosmopolitanism” and to consider the role of literary studies in its articulation. Output for the year is currently in the form of three working papers, in varying degrees of completion, which I plan to publish over the coming 6~18 months:  
“Globalization: Major Contours and Implications for the Shaping of Identity” (forthcoming, Journal of Liberal Arts and Sciences Musashi University, Vol I, 2023).
“The Cosmopolitan Agenda: Constitutive Features and Metaethical Issues” (Working paper)
“The Posthuman Challenge to Cosmopolitan Normativity: Articulating a Posthuman Cosmopolitanism” (draft pending).

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