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How do different actors achieve their goals in international politics and economy? This is the question that motivates me as a teacher and researcher of International Relations. Who are the relevant actors in international relations? What do they want, and how do they pursue their interests? What are the consequences of the interaction among various international actors? 

In my research, I focus on foreign lobbying to study the efforts of foreign governments and firms to influence another powerful government such as the United States. By looking at different actors' foreign lobbying patterns - who lobbies, for what purposes, and when - I can better understand the interests and interactions of international actors. 

In my courses, I will introduce theories, concepts, and methods in International Relations and International Political Economy. We will examine central questions in the fields, such as why states compete,  does international trade cause political implication, and so on. There will be ample opportunities to practice forming coherent analyses based on theories and empirical examples. 

I look forward to working with you!